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Jan 5, 2010
Vigil Games
~13 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Schneizel Jan 26, 2010 93 15:35:50 CHD25 PlayStation 3 RSS
Apocalyptic Difficulty
Part 1: Introduction
 10:15  This will be my next let's play until I can unlock Master... 6 comments
Part 3: Punished
 6:47  I think we are being punished because we were sealed away... 1 comment
Part 4: Onward!
 6:13  Now that we got our weakened sword back we can go to set out... 3 comments
Part 5: Semi Boss
 10:59  I don't think this is a boss but it kind of feels like one..... 4 comments
Part 6: Vulgrim
 10:59  2 comments
Part 7: Phantom General
 10:59  Okay I think this is the actual first boss of the game! 2 comments
Part 8: I Want It!
 10:59  I want it and I am going to get it! No foolin!
Part 9: The Choking Grounds
 5:41  1 comment
Part 11: Shadow Lurkers
 10:59  In order to pass we must first destroy the shadow lurkers.....
Part 12: Shadow Lurkers 2
 10:59  Killing more shadow lurkers...sorta...
Part 13: Shadow Lurkers 3
 10:59  Finishing up what is left of the shadow lurkers. 1 comment
Part 15: Taking Flight
 10:59  Hijack a bird and go for a little flying fun!
Part 16: Dodge Please!
 5:50  Please give us a dodge function while we are on the bird?!
Part 17: Explosions are Fun
 10:59  Learn to use a new environmental element, the bomb.
Part 18: Heavy Armor Dudes
 10:59  2 comments
Part 19: Finally Bring Him Down
 10:59  After a few attempts we finally kill the stupid dude. 1 comment
Part 20: The Crossblade
 10:59  Our newest weapon, the crossblade. Oh man I already hate it...
Part 21: Up and Down
 10:59  I feel like I am on a seesaw... 1 comment
Part 22: Making Use
 10:59  Making use of our new crossblade...I REALLY HATE IT!
Part 23: The Jailer
 9:58  Again, using our new, extremely gay weapon to destroy a... 1 comment
Part 24: The Jailer 2
 10:59  Finishing up on this annoying miniboss.
Part 25: Retry
 10:59  As if 1 armor guy alone wasn't hard enough...
Part 26: Tiamat
 10:59  2 comments
Part 27: Upgrades
 5:47  Now that we have some money it is time to get some upgrades!...
Part 28: Three To Go
 10:59  One down, three to go!
Part 29: Drowned Pass
 10:59  We all know what is coming up soon! More trials!
Part 30: More Trials
 10:59  1 comment
Part 31: Counter Fool!
 10:59  Come on War....counter!
Part 32: Yay for Counter
 10:59  Finally able to counter something!
Part 33: War Smash!
 10:59  Smashing things is fun!
Part 34: Ulthane
 10:58  I feel like he should be drunk... 2 comments
Part 36: Angel Slaying 2
 10:59  More slaying...this time with a gun. I think we won. 1 comment
Part 37: Griever
 10:59  Not the real thing, but a look at what is to come. 1 comment
Part 38: Tremor Gauntlet
 10:59  2 comments
Part 40: More Puzzles!
 3:37  God, I love puzzles.
Part 41: Trains
 10:59  I don't know how I come up with these names sometimes...
Part 43: Treasure Hunter
 10:59  Hunting some treasure before going to where we need to go.
Part 44: I Love Bats
 10:59  I really love these bats... /sarcasm
Part 45: Griever 2
 10:59  1 comment
Part 46: Upgrades 2
 10:59  More upgrades...which are always fun!
Part 47: Back to Samael
 9:27  Now that we got our 2nd heart, it is time to go back to...
Part 50: Towers
 10:59  Towers in the Abyssal Desert...ZZZZZzZzzzzZZzzzz...
Part 51: Towers 2
 10:59  Still sawing logs...
Part 53: Dodgeball
 10:59  I was always pretty good at dodgeball. 1 comment
Part 54: Fracture Cannon
 10:59  1 comment
Part 55: Arena
 8:44  A more epic arena! This one has prizes at the end!
Part 56: Ruin
 4:11  Finally get our horse back and we are ready to own some... 1 comment
Part 57: Giant Worm
 10:59  Not the one with the heart, but another one similar. The...
Part 58: Stygian
 10:59  The third boss, Stygian. This one is a little tougher. 2 comments
Part 59: Back to Samael
 10:59  After collecting the heart we head back to Samael again.
Part 60: To the Spider's Lair!
 10:59  Ugh I hate spiders.... but I guess we gotta do what we gotta... 1 comment
Part 61: Back to the Wasteland
 10:59  So to get here we have to go back to the
Part 62: Squishy
 10:59  Yummy.
Part 64: Another Arena
 10:59  I hate these like, mini arena things. They are really... 1 comment
Part 65: Abyssal Chain
 10:59  Our next assortment of useful items, the Abyssal Chain. Now...
Part 66: Taking out Spiders
 10:59  2 comments
Part 67: Relax
 10:59  Frustration starts to set in! I HATE PUZZLES.
Part 70: First Seal
 10:59  Ugh PUZZLES! Breaking the first seal to set Azrael free.
Part 71: Voidwalker
 10:59  1 comment
Part 72: Returning to Azrael
 10:59  Returning to Azrael now that we have the beam to break the...
Part 74: Second Seal
 10:59  One down, two to go. Onward to break the 2nd seal.
Part 75: Second Seal 2
 10:59  One down, two to go. Onward to break the 2nd seal.
Part 76: Return to Azrael 2
 10:59  Got the beam, heading back to Azrael again. Soooo redundant... 3 comments
Part 77: Traitors
 10:59  The past is revealed and it does not look good for some of... 2 comments
Part 79: Third Seal
 10:59  Going after the third and final seal.
Part 78: Traitors 2
 3:23  The past is revealed and it does not look good for some of...
Part 80: Third Seal 2
 10:59  Going after the third and final seal.
Part 81: Still Third Seal
 10:59  Holy crap they saved the longest for last...
Part 82: Did I Cheat?
 10:59  I really don't think I was supposed to do it that way... 1 comment
Part 83: Freeing Azrael
 10:59  Finally Azrael is free!
Part 84: Straga
 9:43  1 comment
Part 85: Eden
Part 86: War
 10:59  2 comments
Part 87: Future
 8:12  2 comments
Part 88: Pieces of the Blade
 4:58  Collecting the pieces of the Armageddon Blade, however it...
Part 89: Uriel
Part 91: Abaddon
 9:07  Now that we have the Armageddon Blade, it is time to end...
Part 92: Ending
 6:13  13 comments
Part 93: Credits
 10:59  Ending credits and my final thoughts about Darksiders. 1 comment

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