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Final Fantasy X-2
Mar 13, 2003
Electronic Arts
Square Enix
~26 hours play time

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Schneizel Feb 25, 2010 88 14:10:07 CHD PlayStation 2 RSS
 2:32  Another LP that I am currently doing! Wow 3 at once! Go me...
Part 1: Cheese
 10:59  Let the cheesiness commence! 8 comments
Part 3: Mission Time
 10:59  Search the rest of the ship and get moving to our first real... 4 comments
Part 2: Celsius
 7:07  Do a little fighting and get aboard the Celsius. Seriously.... 4 comments
Part 4: Race to the Top
 10:59  Racing to the top to try and be LeBlanc to the sphere
Part 5: Our First Sphere
 10:59  We make it to the top and obtain our first sphere. What...
Part 6: New Missions
 10:11  Time to start on some new missions! 1 comment
Part 7: Besaid Island
 10:28  Headed to Besaid Island where we meet up with Lulu and Wakka... 2 comments
Part 8: Cave That Never Was
 1:59  Wakka has went to some cave that apparently nobody knew...
Part 9: Seeking the Cave
 10:59  Looking for the cave and draining some of the random energy... 4 comments
Part 10: Easier Than It Looks..
 10:59  Really game...? Really? 2 comments
Part 11: Inside the Cave
 10:59  Making our way through the cave to get whatever is at the...
Part 12: Flame Dragon
 10:11  Fighting the Flame Dragon!
Part 13: Wakka's Memory
 1:59  Returning to base and taking a break.
Part 14: Awesome Sphere!
 10:59  This sphere better be awesome...!
Part 15: Leveling up!
 10:59  A little leveling up never hurt anyone!
Part 16: Craved and Carved Monkeys
 10:59  Craved Carved Craned Crooked....what?
Part 17: Needs More Magic
 10:59  Need a little more magic to get this thing down.
Part 18: Magic Wins Chapter 1
 10:59  And now that we have our correct magic we can easily finish... 1 comment
Part 19: Treasure Time!
 3:34  Treasure reappears after you finish a chapter so it is time...
Part 20: Jealous Much?
 10:59  Geez Yuna...jealous much? 1 comment
Part 21: Youth League
 10:59  After feeling a little guilty about taking the sphere, we... 1 comment
Part 22: Selling Tickets
 10:59  Time to sell some tickets and cheat people out of money! (I...
Part 23: Where Now?
 10:59  Where am I supposed to go now?
Part 24: Back to Besaid
 10:59  Time to head back to Besaid and start a minigame!
Part 25: Minigame Time!
 10:55  It really isn't as easy as it looks!
Part 26: Minigame Time! 2
 6:49  What a crappy reward for so much work... 2 comments
Part 27: Quick Prep
 1:55  Quickly preparing for an upcoming boss fight. Accidentally...
Part 28: First Syndicate Uniform
 10:59  We get our first Syndicate Uniform after a hard fight with... 3 comments
Part 29: First Syndicate Uniform 2
 10:59  We get our first Syndicate Uniform after a hard fight with...
Part 30: 2nd Uniform
 10:59  We get our 2nd uniform in the Bikanel Desert. We also find...
Part 31: Thunder Plains
 10:59  We make our way to the Thunder Plains to partake in a mini...
Part 32: Sulking
 4:16  Cid is sulking because we yelled at him XD
Part 33: Calibrating Towers
 10:59  Time to calibrate some towers in the Thunder Plains!
Part 34: Calibrating Towers 2
 10:58  Time to calibrate some towers in the Thunder Plains!
Part 35: Cannot Be Done!
 10:59  I swear this part of the mini game is impossible alone...
Part 36: Final Uniform
 10:59  We make our way through the mountains to obtain our last...
Part 37: Chateau LeBlanc
 10:59  Time to enter Chateau LeBlanc! 1 comment
Part 38: Massage
 10:59  Ugh.... 1 comment
Part 39: Taking Back What's Ours!
 10:59  Time to take back what is rightfully ours!
Part 40: Ormi and Logos
 10:59  We have been spotted! Fight our way out go go go!
Part 41: Confused
 10:59  I know I am missing something here...
Part 42: The Stupid Trio
 10:58  Ugh again...we just beat these 2 why do we have to do it...
Part 43: Vegnagun Sphere
 8:57  We learn a little more about the Vegnagun and what it...
Part 44: Bevelle
 4:48  Apparently the Vegnagun is underneath Bevelle. Let's head...
Part 45: Going Down!
 10:59  Time to head into the basement and see what we find...
Part 46: LeBlanc Sucks!
 10:59  Gosh everyone on the LeBlanc team is a bunch of chickens! 1 comment
Part 47: Precepts Guard
 10:59  A really easy boss.. 1 comment
Part 48: Blue Bullet
 10:59  We finally learn our first Blue Bullet spell! Wohoo! 2 comments
Part 49: Baralai
 10:59  A new face gets in our way of Vegnagun
Part 50: Bahamut
 10:58  But...aren't all the Aeons gone...? What is going on!?!
Part 51: Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings
 2:15  Time to charge people for our help!
Part 52: Don't Burn It!
 7:42  Hey don't burn it down dude! WTF?!
Part 53: Valefor
 10:58  Time to fight another Aeon. This time it's Valefor
Part 54: Sneaking Through
 10:58  Time to sneak through..although I am a little confused. I...
Part 55: Big Boys Don't Cry
 10:58  I am kinda mean to this little kid... oh well =)
Part 56: Kilika Temple
 10:58  Time to take on our next temple in Kilika!
Part 57: Ifrit
 10:58  Alright another Aeon to fight! This time it is Ifrit
Part 58: Djose Temple
 10:57  Time to hit up the third temple, Djose!
Part 59: Ixion
 10:58  Our third Aeon battle, Ixion
Part 60: First Look At Shuyin
 10:58  We get our first up close and personal (a little too...
Part 61: Halp!
 3:43  Yuna seems to be a little scared...
Part 62: Paine's Past
 10:58  A little more information about Paine's past.
Part 63: CommSphere
 10:58  A new invention from Shinra, the CommSphere
Part 64: Chasing Tolbi
 10:58  On a hunt for Tolbi, to help organize the show in the...
Part 65: Chasing Tolbi 2
 10:58  Still chasing Tolbi! Where did this little man go!?
Part 66: Tolbi Found!
 10:58  We find Tolbi and now it is time to prepare for the show!
Part 67: Pre-Concert Hurtfest Time!
 10:58  LOL. Sorry, I made myself laugh at how dumb a) the game is...
Part 68: Cleanup
 10:58  Cleaning up the problems that were in the Thunder Plains.
Part 69: Zalamander
 10:58  Fighting the giant Zalamander...which is a Salamander.
Part 70: A Thousand Words
 10:58  Yuna's performance brings sunlight to the Thunder Plains!
Part 71: Explain Please!
 2:08  Paine and Rikku want an explanation of why all that stuff...
Part 72: Chapter 4 Completed!
 10:58  One more chapter to go!
Part 73: It's a Boy!
 10:58  Wakka and Lulu finally have their baby, and it is a boy!
Part 74: Shiva
 10:58  Another Aeon that has gone crazy. Shiva is one solid Aeon ... 1 comment
Part 75: Shiva 2
 7:26  Still fighting Shiva... what a pain!
Part 76: Magus Sisters
 10:58  After leveling up a little and doing one side quest, these 3...
Part 77: Anima
 10:58  The last of the crazy Aeons, Anima.
Part 78: I Can't Win!
 10:58  I really don't think I am able to beat this least...
Part 79: Ugh...Puzzles
 10:59  I HATE PUZZLES!!!!!
Part 80: Finally Get It!
 10:58  We finally make it through this stupid puzzle!
Part 81: Nooj
 9:39  Nooj is cool! Oh and I guess we come up with some kind of... 2 comments
Part 82: A Battle Plan
 2:06  Yuna comes up with a battle plan and explains it to the...
Part 83: Vegnagun
 10:58  Time to take out the Vegnagun!
Part 84: Vegnagun 2
 10:58  This time we have to face the body and the head! 1 comment
Part 85: Shuyin
 10:34  The final battle...Shuyin! 2 comments
Part 86: Ending
 5:53  Now that the game is over, we get to see the NORMAL ending. 4 comments
Part 87: Ending 2
 10:34  Now that the game is over, we get to see the NORMAL ending. 3 comments

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