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This Is The Police 2
Jul 31, 2018
THQ Nordic
Weappy Studio
~13 hours play time
Interpret the law as you see fit! Run the sheriff's department, manage your cops, make tough decisions, and try to keep out of prison yourself.

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luke1618 Aug 13, 2018 10 13:29:46 CHD Computer RSS
[Updated 18/08/2018]
Game Completed. The story kinda sucks, in my opinion. Anyway, enjoy the music.

[Updated 14/08/2018]
Things didn't go as plan, consequences of bad decisions earlier. I'm replaying the game and part 5 will be considered the new resurrection for Jack Boyd and the police station of Sharpwood. This time, I'll try to play as carefully as possible to gain enough people for us to deal with whatever problems the game throws at us.

[Updated 13/08/2018]
Do I like this game? Yes. Does it make sense sometimes? Not quite. Heck, now we are playing an adventure, strategy, and turn-based tactical combat game mixed with crooked cops, new enemies, new threats, unbelievable cops behavior.

For a sequel, this one improves a lot. You'll still be pissed off sometimes though, but I'm willing to sit and suffer to get through the entire game. You know why? Yes, the story, the new perks system, new dynamic gameplay and more for me to uncover.
Part 04 - When Shits Hit The Fan, Like Extremely Bad
 104:17  Things didn't go as plan, consequences of bad decisions...

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